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Go Ginger follows the ADDIE design methodology, following this model means the client has full control over what is included in the solution with several review phases built in prior to the implementation.

Digital Solutions

Do you need software simulations, eLearning, instructional videos or interactive videos? Even if you don’t know what type of digital training you need, get in touch and we will take you through the pros and cons for each different option.

Blended Solutions

Do you want a course which includes face to face and video? Or virtual workshop and eLearning? We can take your idea and build a diverse course which will have a high impact for your people.

Virtual Training

Virtual training has been around for many years. It is only recently that many companies have been utilising this method to its fullest potential. We create highly interactive online training courses, whether they are stand alone or blended with other types of training, such as eLearning or video, they will each be created to meet your needs.

Train The Trainer

Do you want to build a training team? Do your trainers need to be able to design and deliver virtual sessions? We can put together a Train the Trainer course to address the specific needs of your people and business.

Face To Face Training

For many years face to face training has been the bread and butter for companies. We live in a world where the learner and workplace has changed, so face to face is now not always the best option. There are some subjects or courses which come across best in a face to face setting, such as handling difficult conversations and behavioural courses. We will work with you to choose the best medium for your course and work to create a fun and engaging environment.

Revitalise Your Content

Have an old course which needs a refresh? Have a classroom course which you need vamping up and blending with digital content? Get in touch to discuss how we can make your course fabulous.