Rebuilding A Contact Centre Induction Course

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The company had gone through a massive period of growth, it had 2 training staff (1 manager and 1 trainer) who were both stuck in the classroom in back to back inductions.  This meant the training material hadn’t been touched in years.

The old way:
New starters would sit in the classroom for 4 weeks and go through the 76-page booklet.  They would have systems training and time sitting next to experienced advisors.

The issue:
The material was read through with the trainers adding in their own thoughts and explanations, which weren’t written down anywhere.  So new trainers found it difficult to deliver the course to the same standard.  The majority of the material was delivered in a discussion format or read from the booklet with the occasional activity thrown in.  This meant visual learners found it difficult to pick up the content.

The solution:
Redesign the course, and split it into manageable sections.  Add in blended learning techniques and get maximum learner engagement with activities.  Build the training so every group would have the same experience and information, no matter who was delivering it.

The benefits:
Here are just some of the benefits we saw:

  • All the material had trainer notes, delegate booklets, presentations and blended elements
  • More time was spent with experienced advisors, this was scheduled into the agenda
  • The overall training time was reduced
  • The learner satisfaction scores increased
  • Trainees became productive quicker, they were often taking contacts by the end of week 1
  • The bond between the learners increased as they were completing activities and challenges in teams

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