Delivering GDPR training to a multinational company

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The task

I was brought on board at Tunstall Healthcare to develop their global GDPR training programme.

The plan

It was clear from initial stakeholder conversations that the training would need to be delivered in a variety of ways and customised depending on the role of the learner.

With this in mind, the plan was to:

  • Create an eLearning piece which would cover what people needed to know about the regulation. This needed to be translated into several different languages.
  • Create an information video for those who would not have access to the eLearning.
  • Create customised face to face and virtual workshops for multiple areas and countries.
  • Create an infographic poster to be displayed on site and electronic communications about the courses.

The design and delivery

I liaised with stakeholders in the UK and abroad to discuss their needs and identify areas to focus on.  Using this information I completed the Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

I then started building the eLearning course which needed to be deployed as quickly as possible.  As the company had no Learning Management System (LMS), I used Articulate Online to roll out the initial eLearning and track completion.

When the eLearning translations were received and the course updated, it was launched in those respective countries.

While the eLearning was being rolled out the face to face workshops, infographics, video and comms were designed.

Just under 1000 people completed the eLearning course and over 200 attended the workshops.


Its never about one size fits all.  With this project I needed to think about what the client wanted and what the learners needed.  Then find solutions which would create the biggest impact across the business.

Using Articulate Online wasn’t a long term solution so I brought on board the Litmos LMS which included their Litmos Heroes content library.  I also created a global rollout plan for the HR Manager to continue to implement once my contract had ended.

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